What is DEIA

Tellus Mater is striving to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace through diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives. Let's discover each element!


Acknowledging and valuing differences among a group of people. We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. By embracing diversity in all forms, we are able to foster a culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration. We strive to create an inclusive space where everyone can bring their unique perspectives and experiences, to drive business success and personal growth.


Treating people fairly. Equity does not necessarily mean treating everyone the same. Certain groups of people have been historically under-served and under-represented in terms of their access to many types of opportunities within the US. Thus, in order to foster greater equity, policies and practices must identify and remove barriers to the full participation of some groups.


Ensuring that individuals across different backgrounds feel safe enough to participate fully, by being welcomed, respected, valued, seen and heard. Strengthening inclusion involves sharing power with individuals and/or groups who have not previously been fully included in processes, activities, and decision/policy making. It also involves examining the social and cultural practices, norms and environment of each organization and intentionally modifying them to make them more inclusive.


Making information, activities, and / or environments functional, meaningful, and usable for as many people as possible. Accessibility is at the core of our values, we strive to ensure that everyone can fully participate in our services and programs. We are committed to creating an accessible environment for people with disabilities, by removing barriers and providing accommodations. We believe in designing for accessibility from the ground up and continuously work to improve the accessibility of our products and services.


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