Who We Are

We believe that when adult learning is people centered, connected and informed by those doing the work, it maximizes the organization's impact on their industry - and society as a whole. with We believe that a diverse workforce maximizes the organization's impact on their industry - and society as a whole. We believe that through supporting researchers in the Global South, we will contribute to social justice through a system of decolonized research.
Tellus Mater is register in SAM and located in a federal HUB Zone.

T he Tellus Mater International Training and Assessment Collective (Tellus Mater) is a Woman Owned, Small Business established in 2022 with the mission of bringing assessment and training together to identify and solve problems. Tellus Mater is a diverse collective of accomplished, socially-minded women and minority leaders, who are interested in the well-being of society. We are individuals gathered together from the fields of research, assessment, leadership, healthcare and training.

T ellus Mater was the ancient Roman goddess of the Earth and was responsible for guarding all the earth’s richness and abundance. As Tellus Mater was concerned with the productivity of the earth and its great bounty, we are concerned about the health, productivity and success of organizations. We require, value, and embrace diversity and mutual respect both internally among our team members, and externally among the people and organizations with whom we work.


Mission & Values

The mission of Tellus Mater International Training and Assessment Collective is to help organizations identify the root causes of problems that exist within their organizations and develop custom-built solutions for improvement.

Through high-quality assessment and training, Tellus Mater dives deeply into organizational issues, and with our client-centered team of assessment and training experts, tailors custom-built programs to remedy the root causes of the problems.


Why Work with us



Our Leadership

Mary Clisbee, EdD

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Pfautz

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Bryan Champion

Chief Training Officer

Dr. J. Bruce Stewart

Chief Training Officer

Kathylynn Pierre Griff, EdD

Senior Research Associate

Nahum Jean-Louis, EdD

Senior Research Associate

Blondel Joseph

Research Support & Translator

Kobel Dubique

Research Coordinator

Nadege Belizaire

Research Coordinator

We Meet Our Goals

To meet our mutually designed goals, we will:

  • Engage in intense and reflective listening with our clients.
  • Learn from those closest to the heart of the organization about their successes, problems and intended outcomes.
  • Develop creative ways to gather data and information that we will use to build deep understanding of the organization.
  • Lift up all perspectives and voices into broader dialogues.
  • Develop, support and provide evidence-based strategies, assessments, training and other bespoke approaches.
  • Raise understanding and awareness, through our service, research, training, and practice, about workplace biases, imbalances and inequities that keep organizations from reaching their full potential.
  • Deep commitment to supporting researchers conducting research in the Global South

We are Committed

We require, value, and embrace diversity and mutual respect both internally among our team members. We recognize:

  • The prevalence of social constructions of race and sex in the workplace, evaluate the implications of these social constructions as a factor in workforce inequities and provide support to ensure a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible workplace.
  • The historical barriers and inherent challenges communities face, imposed through systemic oppression, bias, ageism, sexism and racism, which must guide our approach in all that we do.
  • That diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are shared responsibilities. All stakeholders within an organization and their external partners have a role in advancing DEIA goals and values.

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