Who We Are

We believe that through intentionally employing decolonized approaches to development in the Global South, we contribute to advancing social justice and equity. We believe that high training programs improve organizations by creating safe workspaces where employees feel valued, respected and a sense of belonging. We believe that developing a safe and equitable workspace maximizes an organization's impact on their industry - and society as a whole. We believe that education is a basic human right.

T he Tellus Mater International Training and Assessment Collective (Tellus Mater) is a Woman Owned, Hub-zone Certified, small business established in 2022 with three distinct departments 1) Global Health 2) Leadership and Organizational Development and 3) Education. Tellus Mater (TM) is a diverse collective of accomplished, socially-minded, multilingual, women, minority leaders and others, who are dedicated to the well-being of society, the improvement of global health, and improving workspaces. Our services include research consultation and support, training, assessment and data analytics. We are a collective of highly skilled and experienced individuals gathered together from the fields of research, global health, MEL, education, leadership, healthcare and training. We are recognized as leaders in our fields.

O ur senior level contractors are recognized subject matter experts in their fields. Our global health department leaders hold terminal degrees (PhD, EdD, MD), have extensive international experience in global health and are multi-lingual (French, English, Spanish, Haitian Creole). Members of this department include physicians, researchers, data analysts, data collectors, transcribers and translators and research assistants. Our Leadership and Organizational Development department have provided services to dozens of US government agencies on topics including leadership, change management, team building, DEIA, strategic planning and many other topics. This department has worked in collaboration with our research team to design and conduct federal agency DEIA barrier and root cause analyses. Our education department senior leaders hold doctoral degrees in education and have specialties in curriculum development and instructional design, adult education, pre-k through grades 12+, higher education, MEL, international education and school leadership.

Mission & Values

The mission of Tellus Mater International Training and Assessment Collective is to:

  1. support development efforts in the Global South
  2. create more equitable, just organizations where employees feel respected, valued, and have a sense of belonging.

Through high-quality research, assessment and training, Tellus Mater takes a data-driven approach, facilitating difficult conversations as a means to nourish change, and with our client-centered team of research and educational experts, tailors custom-built programs to remedy the root causes of the problems.

We Meet Our Goals

To meet our mutually designed goals, we will:

  • Engage in intense and reflective listening with our clients.
  • Learn from those closest to the heart of the organization about their successes, problems and intended outcomes.
  • Develop creative ways to gather data and information that we will use to build deep understanding of the organization.
  • Lift up all perspectives and voices into broader dialogues.
  • Develop, support and provide evidence-based strategies, assessments, training and other bespoke approaches.
  • Raise understanding and awareness, through our service, research, training, and practice, about workplace biases, imbalances and inequities that keep organizations from reaching their full potential.

We are Committed

We value and embrace the power of diversity, cultural differences and personal agency, both within our teams and externally in all our interactions with our clients. We recognize:

  • The prevalence of social constructions of race and sex in the workplace, evaluate the implications of these social constructions as a factor in workforce inequities and provide support to ensure a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible workplace.
  • The historical barriers and inherent challenges communities face, imposed through systemic oppression, bias, ageism, sexism and racism, which must guide our approach in all that we do.
  • That diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are shared responsibilities. All stakeholders within an organization and their external partners have a role in advancing DEIA goals and values.

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